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      At length the ships lay becalmed in the Bahama Channel, slumbering on the glassy sea, torpid with the heats of a West Indian August. Menendez called a council of the commanders. There was doubt and indecision. Perhaps Ribaut had already reached the French fort, and then to attack the united force would be an act of desperation. Far better to await their lagging comrades. But the Adelantado was of another mind; and, even had his enemy arrived, ho was resolved that he should have no time to fortify himself."Ah, Miss Anna, you--"

      "Why, no, Connie, he--he couldn't very well. It--it would have been almost indelicate, wouldn't it? But he's gone now to tell her."

      "Yes, and then to think what they really are! so fearfully far from small--or cold--or still!"

      "Deztitution!" she joyfully confessed to be the plea on which it had been procured--by Doctor Sevier through Colonel--guess!--"Grinleaf!--juz' riturn'" from service in the field.No command could have been more welcome to Hipyllos. His heart throbbed with joyous anticipation; he had a presentiment that he was near his aim.

      Well then, continued Phanos, speak frankly. To what places do you want to be elected?And her eyes stood out with wonder.

      First, the pipes were passed to Champlain. Then, for full half an hour, the assembly smoked in silence. At length, when the fitting time was come, he addressed them in a speech in which he declared, that, moved by affection for them, he visited their country to see its richness and its beauty, and to aid them in their wars; and he now begged them to furnish him with four canoes and eight men, to convey him to the country of the Nipissings, a tribe dwelling northward on the lake which bears their name.Behind them the battery band had begun--


      Yes, yes, the youth speaks the truth! murmured the Elders, and some applauded him.


      [52] The following from Lafitau is very characteristic: "Ce que je dis de leur zle pour le bien public n'est cependant pas si universel, que plusieurs ne pensent leur interts particuliers, & que les Chefs (sachems) principalement ne fassent joüer plusieurs ressorts secrets pour venir bout de leurs intrigues. Il y en a tel, dont l'adresse jou? si bien coup s?r, qu'il fait dliberer le Conseil plusieurs jours de suite, sur une matire dont la dtermination est arrte entre lui & les principales ttes avant d'avoir t mise sur le tapis. Cependant comme les Chefs s'entre-regardent, & qu'aucun ne veut paro?tre se donner une superiorit qui puisse piquer la jalousie, ils se mnagent dans les Conseils plus que les autres; & quoiqu'ils en soient l'ame, leur politique les oblige y parler peu, & couter pl?t?t le sentiment d'autrui, qu' y dire le leur; mais chacun a un homme sa main, qui est comme une espce de Br?lot, & qui tant sans consequence pour sa personne hazarde en pleine libert tout ce qu'il juge propos, selon qu'il l'a concert avec le Chef mme pour qui il agit."M?urs des Sauvages, I. 481.


      [87] This practice was first observed by Champlain. (See "Pioneers of France in the New World." ) From his time to the present, numerous writers have remarked upon it. Le Jeune, in the Relation of 1637, treats it at some length. The lodge was sometimes of a cylindrical, instead of a conical form.